with disabilities that have abilities,

who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised,

that have an idea for a product, service or want to solve a problem by becoming entrepreneurs.

That have never thought about starting their own business or being an entrepreneur.

You may sometimes think that your idea is nothing and not worth pursuing;

but it is something and it is worth pursuing.

You may sometimes believe that you cannot do it because:

of the setbacks you have in your life,

the beliefs you have due to what other people have told you,

your attempt at something and it did not work out and thinking nothing will because of a negative experience.

No matter who you are and where you are in your life,

the setbacks and disadvantages you have,

it is never too late to start your own business,

to solve problems you are passionate about,

by becoming an entrepreneur.

as there are many forms of it, what is similar is how it affects people.

Most of the affects are obtaining a career,

being excluded from, participating in and missing out in life,

being discriminated against.

As people with disabilities that have abilities are rarely given the chances and opportunities which make them disadvantaged and disenfranchised,

but it does not mean they cannot do anything because they do have abilities,

they have abilities from their life experiences, knowledge and skills that are gained from living with their disability and learning to overcome some of their setbacks as they want to participate and be included,

and when a person with a disability that has abilities is given a chance and opportunity, they can do it and succeed.