It is different from other business consulting companies as it has the knowledge and experiences of:

people with disabilities that have abilities,

people who are disadvantaged, disenfranchised and excluded,

the challengers of creating your own career with limited to no resources,

starting a business from nothing, with nothing and becoming an entrepreneur,

having the setbacks and disadvantages of a disability.

GNCORP uses that knowledge and experiences it has in providing a business consulting services to:

people with a disability that have abilities and who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised,

to partner with industries, companies and organisations in providing diverse ideas, expertise and experiences on how people with disabilities that have abilities can contribute.

as there are many forms of it, what is similar is how it affects people.

Most of the affects are obtaining a career,

being excluded from, participating in and missing out in life,

being discriminated against.

Entrepreneurs with disabilities and disability owned businesses.

Diversity and inclusion so all can be included and have the opportunities to participate.

Renewable energy technologies, innovative sustainable industries and businesses.