The innovative business consulting service GNCORP provides:

To provide a specialised service that is tailored to you instead of the general advice that is not suited to you.

To listen to what you want to do and get an understanding of your “setbacks”:

Such as the disability you have,

The disadvantages you face,

That you want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur,

The ideas you have and want to solve social issues & problems you are passionate about.

It is very easy to tell another person what to do “as you have been told many times by different people” but unless they have experienced it for themselves, the advice that is given is very limited.

The consultant at GNCORP has real world experience both personal and professional.

This is how GNCORP is different from other business consulting companies as it specialises in getting your “mindset” away from what you cannot do to what you can do.

Having a disability and being disadvantaged is not a “one size fits all” as there are many forms of it. As there are many differences, the only similarities are how it affects those people.

People who have a mild disability, medical condition or an injury either temporary or permanent, the disability does impact on their lives.

Some of these impacts are finding and keeping a job of any kind or obtaining a career, making and obtaining professional & personal relationships and the many other social activities that are limited to non-existent for people with disabilities and who are disadvantaged-disenfranchised.

There are people who have no disability at all but are also disadvantaged & disenfranchised due to personal circumstances, their race, gender, beliefs, appearance, age, those who never fit in, don’t have any connections and no social communication skills.

As they are discouraged and always ignored, GNCORP encourages people with mild disabilities, those who are disadvantaged & disenfranchised to use their ideas to start their own businesses, become entrepreneurs and solve social problems they are passionate about.

To provide the consultation to solving social problems such as climate change, poverty, inequality, unemployment and the many more social problems that need to be solved and any issues and problems that you want to solve.

What is involved in the consultation:

We can discuss any issue you have that is stopping you from starting a business or putting your ideas out there:

* To get you to understand your abilities and what you can do with them.

* To get you to only focus on what you can do.

* The possibilities and opportunities that exist from what you can do.

* Combining your skills, abilities, experiences, interests and hobbies with your ideas and how they can be used to start your own business.

* To consult you when you’re thinking of starting, have started or are up and running your own business.

Any ideas, opinions and thoughts you have on becoming an entrepreneur at your own pace because when there is no stress:

* That is when you are the most creative.

* Are full of energy and have all your best ideas.

The consultation can be done by:

* One on one direct discussion.

* Meetings.

* Online communication.

* To collaborate with you.

What additional service does GNCORP offer:

To provide a diverse and inclusion of experiences in adding real value and expertise to any project, company, organisation, group and committees.

To partner with companies, organisations private & public, groups and committees in collaborating on projects and innovative ideas.

Is committed to providing its services to the global challenge of solving the severe problems of climate change, inequality, discrimination and poverty.

Invites and welcomes entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and anyone who has an interest in contributing to its innovative ideas and solving social problems.