The Services that GNCORP Provides.

Providing a specialised service that is tailored to you instead of the general advice that is not suited to you.

The specialised service is a business ideas consulting service to people:

with disabilities that have abilities,

who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised,

that have an idea for a product, service or want to solve a problem by becoming entrepreneurs.

It is very easy to tell another person what to do as you have been told many times before,

but unless the people telling you have experienced it for themselves, the advice that is given is not useful at all.

That is where GNCORP uses its expertise, experiences and knowledge to get your mindset away from what you cannot do to what you can do.

What is involved in the consultation service.  

The first consultation is free of charge and depending on your circumstance, a limited pro bono service can be arranged.

We can discuss any issue you have that is stopping you from starting a business or putting your ideas out there.

To listen and have a conversation with you:

to get an understanding of your circumstances,

the setbacks you have,

to get you to understand your abilities,

to get you to only concentrate on your abilities,

the possibilities and opportunities that exist from your abilities.

To consult you when:

you have an idea,

you are thinking of starting a business,

that you want to solve a problem,

you want to become an entrepreneur,

at your own pace as that is when you are the most creative.

The consultation can be done by:

what is accessible for you,

in person direct discussion,

online communication.

The Corporate and Organisational services that GNCORP provides. 

To provide diverse ideas, expertise and experiences to industries, companies and organisations in using the ideas and that knowledge to:

bring awareness to leaders of industries, companies and organisations to understand that people with disabilities that have abilities and who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised,

can add their knowledge, real life experiences and skills to their industry, company, organisation knowledge and skills base,

as their industry, company, organisation becomes more inclusive as reaching more and including more people who are otherwise excluded to participate and make the workplace better.

It is also that any industry, company, organisation can use that knowledge, skills and abilities to create and offer better products or services or solve a problem as more people and more diverse people are involved and included.

To partner with industries, companies and organisations in providing its services to ideas, innovation and solving of problems from community levels to worldwide issues such as climate change, poverty, inequality, discrimination, racism and the many more local, social and global problems that need to be solved.